Kochav HaShachar


Kochav HaShachar is a religious settlement with a community that permeates warmhearted and caring family life. The settlement holds extensive cultural and social activities, assists families in need, and conducts charitable activities both within and outside the community.

There are 400 families living on Kochav HaShachar. The families are comprised of all ages with children of all ages. Among them are founding members of the settlement as well as some second generation families who chose to settle and raise their children here too, newlyweds, retired couples, and growing families of all ages in between.

A primary focus for the residents of Kochav HaShachar is the education of their children. Institutes of formal education present on the settlement include daycare from age three months, pre-schools and kindergarten, an elementary school, yeshiva boys’ high school, post-high school yeshiva for higher studies, and more. Informal education on the settlement include after-school recreational classes for the children, a modern library, Talmud Torah (extra-curricular Judaic study for the children in a relaxed environment), and a youth movement.

Kochav HaShachar has everything a family needs: a grocery store with a wide choice of products, a mikva, a medical clinic, a Judaica Hebrew book store, a computer supplies store, an arts and crafts store, nursery, health wellness center, Jewish scribe store (for tefillin and mezuzot), and more.

In recent years, the settlement, with the assistance of the Binyamin Regional Council, began development of an experiential tourist site. Today, residents and visitors can enjoy the wading pools park, bicycle paths, and gazebos providing shady resting places for picnics and hikes around the area’s landscape.

Recent development in Kochav HaShachar:

  1. New daycare center
  2. New kindergarten classrooms
  3. Youth club house
  4. Four new playgrounds, including an outdoor fitness facility
  5. Promenade
  6. Wading pool park (Matanya Gardens)
  7. 300 sq. meter multi-purpose hall (Avraham Ohavi)
  8. New residential housing
  9. New caravilla neighborhood
  10. Reconstruction of an old neighborhood
  11. Remodeling of the library

Prospective development:

  1. Swimming pool
  2. Reconstruction of old temporary housing neighborhood
  3. Construction of a commercial center (2000 sq meter building)
  4. Upgrade the grocery store to a large supermarket in the new commercial center
  5. Move the medical clinic to a larger building in the new commercial center
  6. Promote development of 180 housing units
  7. Remodel the current commercial center to be a recreational center
  8. Build a roof over the basketball court
  9. Development of additional tourist areas in the region (e.g. a bicycle path)
  10. Exercise walking paths
  11. Promote city building plans for additional residential housing

To learn more about moving to Kochav HaShachar, contact the Kochav HaShachar Absorption Committee at the phone numbers and e-mail addresses listed below. They can provide you with additional information and will send you a questionnaire to fill out.

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